Get Your Lost Stuff Back!

Our easy-to-use item retrieval system gives you confidence that you will Get Your Lost Stuff Back!

Easily Find Lost Items With idSquares
idSquares - Affordable Way To Find Lost Items

Did you find an item with an idSquare on it?

Here's what to do. Simply scan the QR Code on the idSquare to easily contact the owner of the item.


Return an item now


Safe and reliable technology

IdSquares make it easy for someone finding your item to connect with you and ensure that you get it back. Each square is fully laminated with a strong adhesive to provide great durability and an attractive appearance. Best part…no app to download or subscription required!


Easy to use.

Simply purchase your Squares on our shopping page and away you go.
Simply Scan, Save and Stick! 

No subscriptions or apps to download.



idSquares are very durable, attractive, and fully laminated with strong adhesive. They look great and will last...even through the dishwasher!


Privacy Options.

You can choose to be contacted by email or text.  If you prefer to keep your phone number private, simply choose the email option when customizing your squares.



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